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When a driver powers-on his GPS-enabled mobile phone and clicks on Start ProphesyMC application, the mobile device will automatically log into the ProphesyMC server and immediately download and display any new or updated information the dispatch office has sent to the driver. In figure 1 above, a new load has been received on the mobile device. The driver simply selects OK to continue.

The ProphesyMC phone menu (figure 2) indicates that the built-in GPS monitor is on, and running in the background. This powerful component collects, stores, and transmits the exact GPS-derived, latitude/longitude coordinates of the driver (and vehicle) back to the dispatch office. Once this information is received at the dispatch office it automatically updates the displays and views provided in the advanced mapping and dispatch board features within the ProphesyMC and DispatchSeries software.

First, for this tour, we will select the feature; My Loads. From here, the driver will be able to view all of the loads that have been sent from the dispatch office.

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